Can you buy happiness?

Just maybe...

What can earning cashback with Quidco do for you? Can you buy happiness?

It is possible, according to these three amazing people – but they’re not spending their money on flashy cars, gold or diamonds.

From parrot paraphernalia to giant sci-fi costumes to royal family memorabilia, we've found three remarkable people who spend their extra pounds on things that truly make them happy, and asked them to star in our new ad.

Our stars

There’s Ted Parrotman, who has changed his surname by deed poll to reflect his love of parrots…

David Roth, whose love is investing in his giant sci-fi costumes, which he wears to comic con events...

And 73-year-old Margaret Tyler, who has been collecting royal family memorabilia for over 40 years!

“All the money what I save goes on the things what makes me happy”

Ted Parrotman, 2017

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