Reasons why your cashback might not track

cashback not tracked

Earning cashback through Quidco is a great way to save money on your online purchases. However, on the rare occasions where your cashback doesn’t track and you do not earn money back, we understand that it can be frustrating. There are a number of reasons why this can be the case. Here are the most common, and how you can avoid them.

Voucher codes from another site

In some cases, you can not use voucher codes from sites that are not Quidco and receive cashback at the same time. When you get to the end of your purchase, and you’re at the check-out page, typing in a voucher code could invalidate your cashback. The sites you cannot use in conjunction with Quidco, include and You can, however, use Quidco voucher codes and Quidco cashback at the same time. Check T&Cs of individual retailers for more information on this.

Your computer has cookies from another site

Quidco uses cookies, which are small data files that are placed on your computer and let retailers know that you’re eligible for cashback. If have cookies from other sites stored in your browser, such as a voucher site or a student discount site, these can invalidate your Quidco cookies, and you won’t be eligible for cashback. If you think you may have cookies on your computer, it’s very easy to clear them. Here’s how to clear your cookies on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Always check the latest cashback rate before you buy

We often email our customers with specific cashback rates. When a customer hasn’t checked their email after a long period of time, it’s possible that the cashback rate has changed. If this is the case, customers then buy a product thinking that they are getting one cashback rate, when they are actually receiving another. To always find the correct cashback rate, always check the correct rate, on the Quidco site and follow the cashback links from there to the retailer.

Not actioning quotes after clicking through the cashback links

When it comes to certain categories, such as finance, telecoms and insurance, you create a quote after you click out via Quidco and fill in your details on the retailer page. Separately, the retailer will send you an email with a quote. It is important that you stick with Quidco to get your cashback and do not action on the quote that the retailer sent you, otherwise you may not be eligible for cashback.

Buying a product that hasn’t got a cashback rate

When it comes to certain cashback rates, you can only be eligible for cashback on specific items or categories. For example, if Currys PC World were offering 8% cashback on kitchen equipment, you could only get that specific cashback on kitchen equipment, not other items of categories.

Buying a product after cashback session has timed out

Quidco uses cookies that ‘follow’ you when you click the cashback links and continue to the retailer page. These cookies will only stay on your browser for a certain amount of time. If you buy your product from the retailer too long after you’ve clicked the cashback link, the cookie will have timed out and you will not be eligible for cashback. It’s best practice to buy the item or service soon after you’ve clicked through from the Quidco site. If you’re not sure whether you’ve taken too long, you can always go back and click through the Quidco site again.

Credit check fail

Certain retailers will check your credit score before they sell you the product. This is true for categories such as mobile, broadband and insurance. This can also happen if you’re planning to make your purchase using a credit card. If you fail your credit check, you will not get the product. Therefore, you will not earn cashback.

Returned order

You will not be able to eligible for cashback on an item that you have returned. If you have bought several items, and returned one of them, you should receive cashback on the items you have kept. It may take longer for you to receive cashback on your kept items, as the merchant needs time to process the returned order.

Cashback rates exclusive for new customers

Some of our partners occasionally offer exclusive cashback rates to new customers. This means that you must not have previously bought anything online from that retailer before. If you have already bought an item from that retailer, your cashback will not be tracked. Always check the offer before you follow the cashback link and make your purchase.

Exceeding the limit on number of orders

Some of our partners have a limit on the number of items you can buy from them and still earn cashback. The limit tends to be quite high — 10-15 plus items. Always check the T&Cs of the retailer if you’re planning to purchase a large number of items. If you go over the limit, it’s possible that none of your cashback will be tracked. This depends on the individual retailer.

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