Improvements to Quidco bonus cashback promotions

An easier way to keep track of your bonuses is coming...

We’re making some changes to the way you keep track of your bonus activity.

As you’re probably aware, from time to time we offer our members the chance to earn lump sum bonus cashback amounts when shopping in certain categories and at specific partners.

Over the last 12 months, these time-limited promotions have proved very popular with thousands of you opting-in on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, as many of you have reported, the way that we’ve displayed information about these promotions has, at times, proved a little confusing.

In short, after opting-in to a promotion, many of you are not sure of the status of your bonus and whether you’ve qualified or not.

It’s certainly not been deliberate on our part, however, we’ll hold our hands up and admit that the lack of clarity has not been good enough.

The times they are a changin’

We’re pleased to report that thanks to your invaluable feedback we’re launching an improved bonus process that should provide greater clarity.

In simple terms the status of bonuses will now be housed in their own section of your Activity called ‘Bonus Cashback’.

Within an hour of opting-in to a bonus promotion, your participation will be registered alongside the name of the promotion, the value of the promotion and the date the promotion ends.

New statuses

To help you keep tabs on the progress of your bonus, we’ve also introduced some new statuses.

Here’s a rundown of what each means…

Opted-in You’ve successfully activated this bonus promotion. To unlock your bonus make a qualifying purchase as per the terms & conditions.
Bonus pending We’re currently processing the awarding of your bonus.
Bonus paid You’ve successfully unlocked your bonus and we’ve paid this into your Quidco account.
Declined You didn’t make a purchase that qualifies for this bonus.
Expired You didn’t make a purchase that qualifies for this bonus within the allotted time. The promotion has ended and the reward is no longer on offer.

We’ve also added the above status descriptions to the FAQs in the new Bonus Cashback section of your activity.

Things to remember

– Up to now, bonuses have ‘tracked’ into the ‘Online & High Street’ section of your Activity. From 18 July 2018 onwards, this will not be the case – all future bonus participation will be displayed in the ‘Bonus Cashback’ section only.

– After opting-in to a bonus promotion, please allow up to an hour for it to display in the ‘Bonus Cashback’ section.

– From 18 July 2018 onwards, you will not receive further ‘Notifications’ about bonus participation in your Account Summary.

– Past and outstanding bonuses (those opted into before 17 July) will continue to be listed in your ‘Online & High Street’ section of your Activity and will be listed as ‘tracked’, ‘confirmed’ or ‘declined’.

– There will be a period where updates for old and new bonuses exist simultaneously in separate areas of your Activity.

– In the coming weeks, we’ll be updating the Quidco app to reflect the aforementioned changes. In the meantime, please check for updates on the status of those bonus promotions opted-in to after 18 July 2018.


Should you have any questions about the status of any bonus promotion, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Support team.

Thanks for being patient during this changeover period, we look forward to you earning lots more bonus cashback in the future.