Want to be a Quidco Insider on WhatsApp?

We have a new way to get you the inside track on everything Quidco!

Fancy getting the inside track on everything Quidco? Why not become a Quidco Insider on WhatsApp?

We’ve launched a new way of notifying Quidco members about unmissable deals, breaking news and other insider information… potentially even secret bonuses straight to your smartphone. 

If you want to be the first to try this new feature, simply follow these steps while reading this article on your smartphone.

Step 1

Click on the green WhatsApp button below.

Step 2

Save the phone number that appears as a contact on your mobile phone.

Step 3

Send us a message via WhatsApp with the word START.

We’ll then get in touch with special info just for you. We won’t bombard you. The goal is to just get you the gold when we have it – no spam. Promise.

We’re hoping it will give you some joy. So come and join us, Quidco Insider!

What will I get?

The idea is to send you a mixture of notifications including updates about our best deals, bonus tip-offs, member polls, audio and even video.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, we’ll send you things periodically – but we promise not to spam you. It’s not one big group, so don’t worry about your details being seen or shared by other members. You’ll get direct messages from our team, and can opt out at any time.

Is it human? Should I talk back?

Good question! We’ll be keeping an eye out but messages you send might be missed. So if you have a question about your Quidco account, for example, it would be best to ask us via our normal support channels.

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