Welcome to Quidco Discover!

A brand new new way to experience and explore your favourite cashback site!

Welcome to Quidco Discover – a brand new way to experience and explore your favourite cashback site.

So what can you expect? Well, lots actually. We’re here to inform, inspire and entertain you.

We’ll be revealing tips on how to get the best from our service, showcasing our favourite offers, highlighting amazing new products and sharing advice from experts eager to help you live and shop better.


We know that getting a great deal puts a smile on your face, so we want to help you shop smarter whatever you’re looking to buy. In our opinion earning cashback is a no-brainer (we would say that after 11 years!), so from time to time we’ll use our articles to draw attention to our offers.

We’re really excited about our brand new Collections and the freedom they give us to talk about the amazing products and services available at our retail partners. From fashion to food & drink, tech to travel, we’ll be keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest shopping trends across seven key categories. You can check them all out via our snazzy navigation in the top left.

Milestone Guides

Check out our Milestone Guides where we’ve teamed up with a host of experts to create fun and insightful articles that will hopefully tickle your fancy whatever your next step.

Whether you’re heading to university, moving home, getting married, having a baby or retiring…we’ve useful tips and tricks to lend you a hand. Perhaps you’ll stick around long enough and complete the set!


In the coming weeks we’ll be making a number of improvements to the look and feel of Quidco. Driven by your invaluable feedback they tally with our commitment to being the best cashback site around.

Some areas of our site will get a fresh lick of paint while others will undergo a full makeover. We’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest developments in our dedicated News area. We’ll also use this section to alert you to all the great features on our site, both old and new!


We know how much you guys love to win things so we’ll be working with our retail partners to ensure there’s all sorts of goodies up for grabs all year round. Keep checking back for all the latest competitions and giveaways.

If you’ve any feedback for us, let us know in the comment section below.

Once again, welcome to Quidco Discover…enjoy exploring!

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  1. Sophie wrote on

    Looks really good, well done!

    1. Andrew Allen / Editor wrote on

      Thanks Sophie, it’s great to have such positive feedback from our loyal members.

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