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The next stage in our makeover is ready and waiting

As part of our on-going project to improve Quidco, we’ve tidied up and restructured further sections of our site.

From now on, when you click any of the navigation options under ‘You’ve earned’ – situated in the top right of all pages – you’ll have direct access to your most important Account information.

You’ll notice your profile picture and Quidco Level have been given centre stage, alongside your total earnings. Simply click the latter to access an annual breakdown of all cashback earnings.

Under the Account Summary tab you’ll be able to review your ‘Payable cashback’ balance, make withdrawals, keep an eye on your ‘Tracked’ cashback and check how close you are to hitting your Quidco Rewards bonus target. You’ll also find your ‘notifications’ – a roundup of the red updates that appear on your homepage.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 16.19.01

For a comprehensive assessment of all your transactions, simply select the Activity tab. Here, you can review in-depth info on your recent online and High Street transactions in chronological order.

You can also let us know if any cashback is missing and have a full history of all your transactions sent to your registered email address at the click of a button.

Using the options on the left-hand side of this tab you can access detailed reviews of your ClickSnap, Quidco Rewards and Quidco Opinions activity and check on the status of your Claims.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 16.19.36

In the short-term a standard black colour scheme applies to all Quidco Rewards tiers displayed on your Account Summary. We’ll have an update on a new look for Quidco Rewards in the coming days, stay tuned!

Payments, Refer Quidco, My Reviews and Settings all function as usual.

We admit, that’s quite a lot to take in. However, if you do get the chance, please do take a moment to familiarise yourself with these changes.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so please do let us know your thoughts, positive or negative, in the comment section below.

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  1. Paul wrote on

    it looks nice and neat but not so easy to check when cashback is due to be paid. When you clicked on a transaction it used to tell you the expected completion date so you could tell if there was a problem. Also when you get paid in Amazon vouchers (which is great with the bonus) if you miss the email its really hard to find the voucher number in your payments section I had to use chat !!

  2. Ayshea wrote on

    I would prefer to have my account summary on the home page, bring it back please!

  3. Zhijun Tan wrote on

    Though the cashback rate of quidco is generally lower than topcashback, but I still love it, as the latter often eats my cashback, that is cheating.

  4. Ian wrote on

    I am getting used to the account summary, but would prefer it to be the front page when I log in. When going in to Quidco I like to check the status of my transactions before proceeding. I am also usually looking for a particular seller (or search for a particular item) so having random sellers presented to me at log in is a waste of time – especially since the graphics can be slow to load if in a location with a poor connection.

  5. Dorothy Lakin wrote on

    It is quite a long time since I used Quidco and I am finding it totally different. I am of an advanced age so am blaming that for the fact that I am not able to find my way around the site. I will visit more often to familiarise myself with the ‘newness’.

  6. Simon wrote on

    I like the visual look of the changes but would prefer to have this page as the first screen I see when I log in!

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