Receive a payout bonus when you withdraw your Quidco cashback

Earn extra money when you withdraw your cashback through selected retailers

How to earn a Quidco payout bonus

Earning a Quidco payout bonus is easy and a great way to earn an extra bit of money on top of what you already have in your account. When on the main Quidco site, head to payments.

You will be given the option to withdraw your funds through Paypal or a bank transfer. Scroll down further and you will see which retailers are offering payout bonuses.

Find a retailer you would like to cash out with, and click withdraw. Your cashback will then be emailed to you as a digital gift card for that particular retailer.

Check the terms and conditions for that particular retailer to find out whether you can redeem your cashback in-store or online or both.

If you are a Premium Quidco Member, you will be eligible for higher bonus rates.

Why withdraw your cashback with a payout bonus

Withdrawing your cashback as a payout bonus is a great and easy way to earn some more money on top of your existing cashback.

If you have an upcoming birthday, or if t’is the Christmas season, gift cards make ideal presents. Find a retailer that your friend, family member or colleague love to shop at, and you can gift your earned cashback to them in the form of a gift card.

You can receive payout bonuses from a wide range of retailers. Whether you want your payout bonus to be for a clothing company or for a restaurant, Quidco has payout bonuses for a range of different businesses.

You also have the option of withdrawing your cashback with a payout bonus from charities — if you want your cashback earnings to go to a good cause.

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