Oral-B Genius Orchid Purple 9000 by Braun


Oral-B have launched their popular Genius 9000 electric toothbrush in the brand new colour of purple. Purple you say? Well, this is no ordinary purple. Instead, think of a violet glow that will shimmer in the morning sun whilst you do that all-important cleaning.

There’s a lot more to this electric toothbrush than just the colour though. Oral-B have a number of key features that they swear by, including healthier gums forever, whiter teeth from day 1, up to 100% more plaque removal and 100% brushing coverage. That’s great, but what does this all mean? Let’s give you some insight.

Whilst you’re brushing away, the toothbrush will actually alert you if you’re brushing too hard. This feature is great for 6am brushing whilst half asleep, and it means you’ll have healthier gums forever (or for as long as you use it). There’s also a whitening mode built into the toothbrush and a round toothbrush head, both giving you whiter teeth from the beginning and contributing to plaque removal. Finally, the brushing coverage comes from combining motion sensors in the toothbrush with facial recognition software. This means that the toothbrush is able to see where you brush to guide you as it cleans, which is pretty impressive. Oral-B isn’t the #1 brand recommended for nothing!

Anyone else’s teeth feeling cleaner already?

So, whether you’re looking for an upgrade or just looking to add some colour to your daily routine, then the Oral-B Genius Orchid Purple 9000 is all you need.