Pinnacle Lithium Ion 2017 Electric Bike


The Pinnacle Lithium-Ion can take you up to 60 miles on one charge and makes the hills feel almost flat. Taking many cues from the best-selling Pinnacle Lithium, a bike with proven all-round use ability, the Lithium-Ion adds the fantastic Shimano STEPs pedal-assist system with 3 levels of power-assist and a 250W output. It’s got all the added zip you could need to enjoy the simple pleasure of being on two wheels without the fatigue. It’s fully road-legal, it can be ridden anywhere a conventional bike can, it’s able to carry a load without effort and it’s fun to ride at all times – a true ticket to freedom. Tow the kids around the park, keep up with others more easily, commute with less fatigue, you could even load it up for easy bike-camping … there’s so many ways in which this bike could change not only your but your whole family’s cycling.