Dreaming of an exotic getaway? Or perhaps just a weekend without the kids? Black Friday’s the day when that dream becomes an affordable reality. The annual autumn sale is mostly famous for jaw-dropping deals on tellies and toasters, but some of the biggest savings can be found in the travel sector.

If you plan ahead you could even get a two-week long-haul break at the price you once paid for a few days in Spain. And don’t forget, travel deals become even sweeter when you earn cashback through Quidco.

Not sure where to start? Our Black Friday Travel Guide has got you covered.

Who to Look Out For this Year

Based on some of last 2017’s best travel deals, here are some suggestions on who to look out for this year. Here’s hoping that they’ll have some similarly juicy bargains this November.

British Airways were giving the opportunity for its customers to get their holiday plans in early and cheap. If you were planning that big trip for your whole family you could save some serious money. If you spent a minimum of £1250 you could save £50. If you spend a minimum of £2500, you could save £100. Those savings could go into your spending money pot for the holiday!

Big holidays weren’t the only trips you could make an absolute steal on. Fancy a romantic city-break with that special someone? British Airways were offering flights and two nights in a hotel from £99 in European favourites such as Nice and Barcelona. Definitely one to look out for this year.

One of the world’s favourite travel agencies, Expedia also delivered some Black Friday goodies in 2017. They were giving out flights to the US at some eye-watering prices, including a £473 return flights to LA and £411 return flights to Boston. Where you could really save some money was on their package holidays. With their Black Friday coupons you get £550 off of a £800 holiday package.

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Get Next Summer Sorted

We know, right now Summer 2019 sounds like a hazy, distant future. If you book a trip now, though, you’ll be laughing while your friends and family tear their hair out looking for last-minute deals.

Planning a holiday is always a huge undertaking, especially when the kids are coming along. Once you’ve decided on the destination you then need to think about buying holiday clothes, booking activities, making sure you’ve got your jabs and your insurance and your insect repellent and the million other things a good holiday requires.

Take the stress off by booking a package deal well in advance, so your travel and accommodation at least are all covered. When you shop for travel on Black Friday, you’ll take the burden off your wallet, too. Last year, customers at Expedia saved a massive £330 on selected flights when spending £800 or more. This year, their deals could be even better.

Shop for Flights & Hotels Separately

Tempting package deals are designed to trigger your clicking finger. However, if you’re prepared to do a little research you might save even more by stacking a flight-only deal with an accommodation-only deal. Many of the best savings on flights are offered by airlines themselves.

Flag carriers, in particular, offer great deals on Black Friday. You can enjoy all the little in-flight luxuries they offer for the same price or less than a cheap and cheerful airline. You can take advantage of more accommodation options, too. At, lavish boutique hotels suddenly become affordable, while low-cost options become so cheap that you might add a few more days to your trip.

Travel off the Beaten Path

At any time of year, you can find big savings if you’re willing to travel to less popular destinations. This holds even more true on Black Friday. Instead of going where all the other tourists are, consider resorts and locations that are a little more out of the way.

You might find that you get more out of your holiday when you’re not wasting time competing with the crowds. Even better, less busy destinations tend to be cheaper, with a lower cost of living. On Black Friday you’ll find great deals for out-of-the-way locations that you might not have considered before. Do some sleuthing and make a list of your favourites ahead of the sale, so you can quickly take stock of the deals once the big day arrives. is packed with inspirational travel guides and articles which highlight exciting destinations and deals side by side.

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Save on Every Holiday Essential

A place to stay and a way to get to there might be at the top of your list, but there are a few more things you simply can’t holiday without. Take transfers, for example. Paying over the odds for car hire and airport transfers can inflate the cost of a holiday well beyond what you budgeted for. The good news is that many car rental and airport transfer companies offer Black Friday deals, too. Whether you’re doing your own driving or not, travel insurance is another vacation essential you can’t afford to overlook.

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Travel Doesn’t Just Mean Holidays

Yes, the word ‘travel’ does bring to mind sandy beaches and stunning vistas. If you think about it, though, we travel every day. On Black Friday, you can save not only on flights and ferry trips but also on coach and train journeys.

If you need to travel for work or you’re planning a visit to family, this is the perfect time to book. Individual tickets are especially cheap on Black Friday, so it would be a good idea to buy several at once. Look out for 2 for 1 deals and family tickets, too, and take the chance to discover the UK’s many charming rural retreats. You might have thought you can only afford one holiday a year, but if you’re travel-savvy on Black Friday you could get away with several.

Check here for more info and cashback offers on this year’s travel deals.