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Alan22 wrote on 30 April 2018

Not what I was expecting; Update 14 months on, and regret ever getting this now

This is my updated review 14 months on, but the original review is untouched beneath to show the difference now. I wish I had never bought this now, I'm in my 29th year of being retired disabled now, and I bought this as I have a very rare muscle wasting disease, and my body needs total support, further to the original review, I now wish I had never bought it now, in all my years I have never had so many bad nights, I have spent more nights on the settee over the last few months because I was in so much pain in bed, than I can ever remember in my entire life put together, so it has something to be said when my settee is more comfortable than my bed, I can only hope to replace this as soon as I can, but with on disability money that won't be any time soon enough, I won't be buying ever again after my experience now. My best advice is go and try one to see exactly what to expect, if I was able to do that I would never had bought this, I'm retired disabled, and desperately needed a new mattress to help support me more to help with my pain. I bought the Dormeo Silver Deluxe, I spoke to a lady on the phone who was as helpful as she could be, because lets face it what one person would find it does what they need, won't always be the same as the next person, so credit to her she did really try to guide me to this mattress thinking it would be the best one for me, but it is an impossible task to get it right every time, so I certainly don't hold that against them as a company, but if I had been able to try it before getting it I would have gone for something else. I know they do a 60 sleep return on them, but after it arrived, I asked the driver if he could get it up the stairs for me due to my health, but he had no time to do it as he was running late, so I had to lift it 1 step at a time up the stairs and drag it across to the bedroom, next comes unpacking it, I looked for the instruction to open it but ended up cutting the only obvious part I could make out. So I worried about nicking the mattress itself in the process, and after I had finished I was faced with the bare mattress, so I went looking for any sign of a mattress protector (the Qualifier for returning it), and all I found was the plastic wrap and the box it came in, and as my old mattress was taken to the dump already, I had no choice but to keep it, but even if I was able to return it, I wouldn't have any chance of 'packing' it and getting it downstairs to be collected with my health, I was amazed to see it arrive in a box that I could have laid or stood in and closed the lid, it is so compressed it's something to see the before and after of getting and opening it. The reason for me not liking this mattress is due to struggling to get out of bed, it's rated as a soft to medium, and it's certainly soft, you slowly sink into it, it's something you have to feel just slowly sinking, so no issues there, it's getting out of bed, if I needed to get up quickly say needing the bathroom urgently, I wouldn't be able to, it is so soft, there is no resistance to allow me to get myself out of bed, I have to roll and get onto my side and get my legs out to pull myself up, so I am now waiting for an OT to come and access me for an aid to get up and out of bed easier than I can currently, and is why I had to mark this due to this. So the above is my feeling about this mattress mentioned prior, and why I said about trying before buying if you can, it could save a lot of problems if you could try it at store first, but I guess that's the problem buying things online such as this, if you're fit this may not be an issue to you, but if your health is failing that's another ball game. Now my biggest issue is the warranty, 15 years was a major point in my buying it, but then read the small print, on the face of it 15 years is great, but, then comes the stepping, the longer you have it the less you get back, and at year 15 you get just 5% back on it, now I totally appreciate that's a long time, and you may be looking to replace it by then anyway, but to be honest I would much rather see it listed as a 10 year warranty which has an extremely good price, also the 'Single' Free Pillow, thus forcing you to buy a 2nd one, either that or fighting over the one you get, again I would much rather see a sensible price for a pair of pillows as an option. This my experience with this, no problem with the company directly, it's an impossible task to please everyone when they don't know what it will be like until it's delivered, and is no doubt why they have the 60 night no quibble returns, but if your in poor health like I am, I suggest going to a place that sells beds and see what they have, because you know exactly what to expect, those with their health should be fine, and on the phone I found them be be very helpful.

Overall rating 4 stars

Overall rating 4 stars

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