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ALarrive wrote on 15 May 2017

Great Retailer, Slow Cashback

EM trains are a great retailer, easy and friendly website, no credit card fee as opposed to other similar retailers. On the negative side, since July 2016 their cashback payment has been non-existent (pennys but it all adds up!). It would be nice to revert back to the 3 months after travel pay out. Please, please sort it out!

Overall rating 5 stars

franthompson8911048 wrote on 19 April 2017

Very very slow cashback.

Used to be great but have been waiting since August for cashback. Needs to be sorted out.

Overall rating 5 stars

tAntczak wrote on 18 January 2017

Very good ticket provider

East Middlands Trains does not charge a booking fee.

Overall rating 5 stars

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Overall rating 3.5 stars

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