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user1983913 wrote on 07 March 2016

Will not shop with them again!

Ordered from them & straight away my purchase wasn't tracked so had to put in a manual claim (which won't get looked at until 30 days AFTER your purchase) so it delays the whole process of your cashback. Although my items were showing in stock when ordered, it still took several weeks before they were delievered. Then, I was getting bombarded (I mean 2-3 or more times a day) by phone calls, some didn't even ring long enough to get answered! I searched the number used which appeared to open pandoras box with LOADS of complaints from fellow customers experiencing the same thing from this company - in the end I had to block their number as I deemed it harassment. Safe to say - will not be shopping with them again!

Overall rating 2 stars

Overall rating 2 stars

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