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More about Echor

Echor was built by long time friends George and Ewan.

Having started a previous business together without a penny to our name and no clear direction, we had jumped into a world of immense emotional pressure.

We bought into the narrative that the only way to achieve success in business was to work all the hours you possibly can.

We were burnt out, irritable and exhausted. Our mental health had been neglected for too long and then to make matters worse, we were hit with the COVID pandemic.

Our previous business was devastatingly effected by the pandemic and we hit rock-bottom.

We wanted to persevere even though at times it would have been sensible to just ‘give in’. So we began looking for ways to improve ourselves and we left no stone unturned.

Amongst the self-help books, time management principles and online guru’s, we developed a strong interest in the one thing that never failed to make us feel better over recent years.


We became obsessed with sleep.

We would test out nap periods throughout the day, log our sleep and energy cycles and experiment with aromatherapy, sleep hygiene and our bedroom environments.

It was a tricky experiment with so many variables to consider, but one thing was evident to us: after a goodnight’s sleep we achieved more the following day, we were less irritable and overall, we were happier.

(we think our partners were happier about that too!)

Some of the recent sleep science we studied had shown us some incredibly simple ways to improve our sleep and concepts to follow when our sleep began to suffer again.

We realised that sleep is a very complicated system of restoration, but no existing companies seemed to be offering a simplified and thorough range of solutions to help people achieve more and be happier.

We thought, “Imagine if we could provide that, solutions to help people achieve more and be happier…”

We applied everything we had learned to launch Echor.

Sleep was our saving grace, and now we hope to provide that for others.