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jessicarroberts46185 wrote on 20 April 2017

Always a happy customer

I have never had any issue with EB as a customer. Even when I have bought seconds and have been unhappy with the purchase they have replaced free of charge so customer care is always great alongside fabulous original products. The cashback has always tracked quickly and been paid out in good time with all orders I have placed with them through quidco. There is a higher cashback percentage for new customers (understandably this is an incentive to purchase from them if you never have before!) but it is still lovely that they reward their existing customers also even if it is a lower rate!

Overall rating 4.5 stars

user840509 wrote on 12 September 2016

Be persistent!

You should always be persistent if your cash back is declined! I signed up as a new customer and bought products on offer during a sale weekend. The potential cash back was quite large so I was annoyed when it was declined. I raised a claim and a lower amount of cashback was offered. Following a few enquiries, I kept pushing and eventually, the full cashback was paid.

Overall rating 3 stars

Overall rating 4 stars

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