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Dessyoxo wrote on 21 September 2017

Would use again

I've used Enterprise several times before and I find them very good. Cashback tracked but did take a while 4-5 months. Will use Quidco to link to Enterprise next time I need to hire a bigger vehicle for family visits

Overall rating 4 stars

Krashnicov wrote on 15 May 2017

Great service from my local branch

Use the Redhill branch in Nottingham, always been looked after - the pickup / dropoff is really convenient and the prices are competitive. Cashback is a bit meh and payment takes longer than I'd like but that can apply to most retailers I use on here tbh.

Overall rating 4 stars

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rWalsh76014 wrote on 31 August 2016

Enterprise - Cashback declined

I rented a car online via the Edinburgh City Centre branch. Staff were friendly and provided excellent service. Good value compared to competitors. Cashback did not automatically track. I received an email from Quidco stating that the purchase had apparently not been completed so I submitted a manual claim with the rest of the details. This was submitted to Enterprise with the expected amount now tracking. Claim was subsequently denied by the retailer. Reason given was that Enterprise could not recognise Quidco as being the party who referred me to their site. Possible reasons for this included: ensuring cookies are cleared from browser so that they can not be attributed to any other affiliate; enabling cookies in the browser and ensure you aren't using pop-up blockers, private sessions (browsing incognito), etc; always complete the full booking process in one sitting. I completed the whole purchase online in one sitting but I had other car rental websites open in separate tabs in my browser for price-comparison reasons. However, I definitely did not have any other rival cashback websites open in my browser, which was suggested by Enterprise as being the reason for my claim being declined. In the future I will clear my browser cookies before launching Quidco and ensure I have no other tabs open to conflict with the booking. Hopefully this will ensure the cashback is tracked and paid successfully.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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Overall rating 2.5 stars

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