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aBraithwaite06839 wrote on 30 May 2017

Shopping is great with Express Trainers but my cashback always declined?

I really love buying my Trainers from Express Trainers, especially Adidas, as they fit my feet beautifully and they come in different colours and designs. But for some on known reasons, I have not received any cashback from them. I have ordered many times from this company as a guest, but now I have joined as a proper customer, and yet still I receive no cashback. It has always been declined, and I always go through Quidco, and I have never returned any of the items, that I have ordered, and I will continue to order from them, as their prices are excellent value for your money.

Overall rating 4 stars

delphius10129249 wrote on 10 July 2017

Great Trainers but no cashback

I ordered a pair of Asics trainers. The trainers arrived quickly and well packaged. Whilst the trainers are really comfortable and of good quality, I never received any cashback. Made a claim on this but have yet to hear anything back from them (79 days later)! I don't see the point of going through Quidco if you aren't going to get cashback....

Overall rating 3.5 stars

kezzybabe wrote on 23 June 2016

declined cashback

I too have been declined cashback although its only £2.64 I hvent got it whats the point of going through Quidco of a promise of cashback where a lot of them are declined saying I didn't order in the correct way err I think I did

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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Overall rating 2 stars

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