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villain1985 wrote on 16 October 2016

Double the price they quote to allow for hidden charges

Complete bunch of con artists - you expect to be taken for a ride a bit by these car rental people trying to push you their fully comp damage waivers when you pick up the car, but these guys have a completely new con I've never seen before. They have loads of extra charges hidden in terms and conditions that they mention no where in your quote eg. I booked to pick up at 00:30 as their website said the shop was open until 02:00. They quoted me a certain price with this pick-up time confirmed. Then when I showed up in Spain ON TIME at 00:30 they forced me to pay an additional £40 because my pick up time was after 00:00?! Even though they specifically knew this on the booking and had not mentioned this fee anywhere on the price quoted. I had no choice but to pay or else be stranded - which they knew. Basically just double the price they quote online - then you will realise they are similar value to Hertz or Sixt - but these companies are far more reputable in my opinion.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1 stars

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