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Shopping Get Going Travel Insurance

When you’re travelling, it’s essential to have travel insurance to cover you financially should anything untoward happen. It’s not nice to think about but you may get hurt, fall ill, lose your belongings or be the victim of theft. It’s best to be safe in the knowledge that you’re insured for these potential incidents.

The issue is if you have a pre-existing medical condition, standard travel insurance policies can get very expensive. In some extreme cases, the cost of insurance can be more than the trip itself. That’s where Get Going Travel Insurance comes in. It provides speciality insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions. The best part? It’s actually affordable.

Get Going Travel Insurance is an inclusive brand. They believe that everybody should enjoy the value of travelling, despite whatever medical issues they may have. To make your insurance that bit cheaper still, you can get cashback on your cover through Quidco.

What does Get Going Travel Insurance cover?

Get Going Travel Insurance cover lots of the pre-existing medical conditions, including cancer, HIV, heart conditions and depression. This is but a small selection of the conditions you can get covered for under Get Going — it providers cover for thousands of conditions. The travel insurer uses a medical screening system to accurately produce a level of cover and cost for you.

Depending on the level of insurance you choose, you can be covered for up to £10 million if there is an emergency. This includes being taken to a public hospital, emergency replacement of prescription medicine, emergency medical attention and mobility equipment. With all of this covered, you’ll know you’ll be in safe hands.

Get Going Travel Insurance for over 70

Older people love to travel. Why shouldn’t they? They’ve worked hard all their lives and now they deserve to enjoy the world. But again, travel insurance for older generations can be an expensive pain.

Get Going provides competitive rates for over 70s looking to travel. No matter which level you opt for (Basic, Standard, or Premier), you’ll be covered for up to £10 million. Choose a single trip cover, which will cover you for one trip in one area of the world for up to 91 days. Or, choose a multi-trip cover if you’re planning for several trips in the space of a year.

Planning to see the world with a cruise? Lucky you. Get Going insures for cruises too, as part of an extension to your existing cover. So when you take out a policy, make sure you add a cruise extension to it. Otherwise, you won’t be covered for any mishaps that happen onboard. With this, you’ll be covered for cabin confinement, changes to your cruise itinerary and if you’re unable to use your prepaid excursion. Once you have your policy, order a cocktail and relax on deck, comfortable in the knowledge that you’re financially safeguarded should anything happen.

Get Going Travel Insurance Cashback

Before you choose a policy, be sure to come through Quidco to get cashback. We have highly generous cashback offers on-site for Get Going, so you can cut the cost of your insurance considerably. Getting cashback on your travel cover is easy. Just head to the cashback links at the top of this page and click ‘Get cashback’. You’ll be directed to the Get Going website where you can choose a policy. Once that’s done, enjoy your holiday. We’ll be back here, working hard to track and process your cashback before sending it back to you.