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Cedric36 wrote on 27 June 2016

Not all it seems.

Do not rely the advertised cashback rates from Get Going Travel Insurance. Their premiums are competitive, the policy is well specified and the service very efficient; I have no complaint there. My decision to purchase travel insurance from however did take into account the advertised cashback @ 21%. The cashback paid was approximately 10% (excluding VAT & Insurance Premium Tax). A subsequent claim has been rejected, after several months, without explanation. Perhaps they expect the customer to forget about their claim over time. I will be wary of taking out another policy with them.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

user2581703 wrote on 17 January 2017

2 policy neither tracked

Took out a policy last year, great price considering I have had an organ transplant and expected to pay more. The cashback didn't track and I had to raise a claim. The claim was successful. Took out another policy this year and again it hasn't tracked so will be claiming again. Makes me wonder if they just don't track and reply on not everyone being bothered to do a claim?

Overall rating 3.5 stars

g j wrote on 20 February 2017

Cashback declined

I took a policy with them in spite of all negative feedback regarding cashback. And my cashback back claim also was refused.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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Overall rating 2.5 stars

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