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Recycling your phone with giffgaff is open to everyone, whatever the network. We take all types of mobile phones. Just enter your phone model in our rating tool to get an instant quote. We'll send you all the pre-paid packaging needed. Just pop in your phone and send it back. Our team will give it a quick once over on arrival, then transfer you the cash. It's that simple. We like to think of it as a win-win-win. It’s not just great for your bank account. It’s also a great way for your old phone to get a new lease on life, and great for the environment. Getting paid for a good deed. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Last updated May. 8, 2024
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    Helpful Information

    Shopping giffgaff recycle

    When you feel that you’ve gotten used to your phone and a newer model has caught your eye, you don’t have to let your old phone go to waste. Giffgaff Recycle has made phone recycling easy and financially worthwhile. 

    You can sell your phone to Giffgaff Recycle if you feel that it has a resale value. The website provides easy steps for you to follow so that you can find your phone online and get a quote for it. Once they’ve received the phone and are happy with it, the company will pay you within 48 hours. 

    Alternatively, you can donate part of your phone’s value to a worthy cause, as the company has partnered with the Neighbourly Foundation.  

    Giffgaff Recycle phones

    Giffgaff looks to recycle newer phone models, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Apple iPhone Xs, but will also consider older generations. Once you’ve found your phone on the website, you can place an order. The International Mobile Equipment Identity number on your phone will help you identify it on the website.  

    Giffgaff Recycle has also estimated the prices of certain models on its website to give consumers an idea of the amount they can expect to receive. Instead of purchasing an item like you would from other websites, you will be sending them your phone. 

    Only send in the phone once you’ve deleted your personal information and removed all the SIM cards.

    Once they’ve received your phone, they will inspect it to determine whether it’s in working order. If your phone is faulty, Giffgaff will still accept it. All you have to do is meet their condition criteria by answering a few simple questions. Giffgaff won’t accept stolen or barred phones. 

    The company accepts phones from all networks and pays directly to your bank account the same day they process your phone. 

    If you feel that your phone is a bit outdated and won’t meet Giffgaff’s criteria, you can get in touch with their partners, Recycle Your Electricals.

    Purchase a phone from Giffgaff Recycle

    Not only does Giffgaff purchase your second-hand phone, but the company also offers brand-new phones for purchase. You can choose from all the major brands such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola. 

    Giffgaff will deliver you an unlocked phone the next business day, and you can change your plan whenever you want. They have a selection from all the latest models, as well as some of the previous generations to suit all budgets. Consumers have the option to purchase the phones in cash or pay off monthly. 

    Get Giffgaff cashback

    The best part about dealing with Giffgaff is that you can also get cashback if you shop through Quidco. It’s another way for you to optimise the value of your phone. 

    If you go to the top of the page, click ‘Get Cashback’ to earn your cashback reward. Doing so will direct you to the company’s page, where you can shop for their products. After you’ve purchased an item from Giffgaff’s website, we will process your cashback, then send it to your Quidco account.