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More about Goldster

Our mission is to provide accessible, interactive and fun ways to keep you physically and mentally active giving you every opportunity to age well on your own terms, at your own pace and in your own home (or garden).

Keep moving and grooving to your own beat whether that’s Rock, Reggae or Rachmaninov.

We are driven every day in this journey to give hope, opportunity, community, and inspiration that we can all live those golden years, looking forward not backwards. 

Bridging the gap between wellness and health supported by science, we enable everyone to start the positive journey of ageing. Goldster is a community that embraces the challenges, the triumphs, and the aspiration of ageing.

This is a 7-year journey from the Scottish shores to China and back. We all know someone who is impacted by ageing, or even dementia, and we are all scared of that future. Goldster is the next iteration in our work in dementia using systematic non-drug approaches to healthcare which can make the biggest impact to people on a everyday basis.