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Kerryatter wrote on 21 December 2016

Great products, terribly slow cashback

Gorgeous Shop has a brilliant range of products and at great prices. The website is easily navigated and has plenty of info. Delivery isn't the quickest, so make sure that you order before you get down to the last dregs of your makeup! The items arrived well packaged (albeit in an oversized box, for a tiny item - at least it arrived in one piece). As for the cashback... don't hold your breath. I'm still waiting on cashback from over a year ago, which is extremely disappointing. I hope Gorgeous Shop pull their fingers out soon and press the 'send' button on their backlog of cashbacks.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

user2092779 wrote on 17 June 2016

Gorgeous shop

Like the product selection and website is easy to navigate. Delivery is prompt and products are competitively priced, however cashback payout is slow. I purchased items in January and I am still awaiting cashback after 5 months.

Overall rating 3 stars

user2642316 wrote on 07 July 2016

Good product but very slow to pay cashback

I like shopping at Gorgeous Shop as their products are good quality at a good price, but I'm surprised to see so many people praising them for fast cash back. I have multiple transactions still awaiting cashback, some dating back to November 2015 (9 months ago). I definitely would've expected a faster cash back than that!

Overall rating 3 stars

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Overall rating 3 stars

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