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More about Growseed

Founded by Gerry Murphy in 2014, Growseed has slowly developed into a known brand name within the seed industry. Starting off in 2010 with a view to provide fresh food for the family, Gerry quickly managed to provide for his growing family by becoming self-sufficient in all vegetables grown and a range of soft fruit.

Learning to grow, store, can and preserve a range of products certainly became an experiment along the way. Including growing hops and wheat for home-made beer and cider!

Ever frustrated with the constant introduction of new vegetables seeds. It felt as if a new range was introduced every season! Little was being done to adapt the current range or change planting and growing habits based on recent climate changes – many of the growing instructions today have not changed since that seed variety was first introduced in the UK! In some cases, nearly a 100 years ago!

Gerry quickly discovered there was little information to be found in the UK or on traditional allotment sites. So, turning to Canada and Northern America for inspiration, where growing seasons are very limited, Gerry decided to apply the same principles here to extend the growing season or getting an early start.

Experimenting with lost technology such as heat beds or using more modern geothermal methods, Gerry began to experiment with the range of seed that was on offer in the UK and foundation of Growseed began.