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user1129910 wrote on 25 March 2016

Good product, bad cashback

I bought 2 items totaling £80 when their cashback was sitting at around 8%. I raised a claim as it was only tracking at 2%, this has now been declined as they have said that they paid the correct amount which is a total joke as now it is the correct amount as their cashback rate has changed but when I purchased the items it was siting at 8%. Really poor and I'll now be taking screenshots of the cash back rate when I make a purchase to prove that when I buy things the cash back should be paid at the correct amount!

Overall rating 2 stars

user1970836 wrote on 16 June 2017

Declined cashback

Pathetic, after placing an order in early May for some new sofas and having to raise a claim myself it has taken 6 weeks to receive an update - which has been declined, because apparently i did not go through Quidco, when in fact i know i did as i received the pop up and have never had this problem before. So that is me £210 worse off thanks to Habitat declining my cash back claim. Be wary of Habitat looking to do special codes and cash back. I will not be using or recommending Habitat again. I will not add a review about the sofas as i have not received them yet.

Overall rating 0 stars

Overall rating 2 stars

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