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About HairbonD

Hairbond is a celebrity endorsed, British, premium hair styling brand which has already sold over 2 million products since launching in 2010.
Assisting both men and women around the world to look and feel their best, Hairbond has a unique, professional, paraben and sulphate free, hair product selection.

10% cashback
for all purchases
10% cashback
for all purchases
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Last updated Jan. 12, 2021



10% cashback

for all purchases

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Helpful Information

Shopping HairbonD

The philosophy of Hairbond is as true today as the day it was founded. Designed in a professional hair salon for professional hairstylists, Hairbond is about innovation, expression and progression. Hairbond has been designed to not only be the best, but to push the boundaries of creativity within the industry.