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CLMartin wrote on 23 March 2018

Cash Back Declined

Cash back has been declined for no reason other than "the terms and conditions of the offer weren't met"...However when the process is correctly followed, and transaction is recorded correctly there is no reason for my cash back to be declined. It seems many other users have the same issue. Could it be Hargroves Cycles potentially misleading customers? I am very disappointed in Hargroves and will not use them again in the future- the only reason why I used them was for the cash back at the time... price comparison is inline with competitors, service is average. Nothing stands out- so there is no longer a need to shop there.

Overall rating 2 stars

user3834991 wrote on 31 August 2016

Declined 'retailer decision'.

Purchased an expensive bike computer during a 10% cashback period for it to be declined. My purchase decision was swayed to them due only to the extra cashback vs. competitors and I am £90+ worse off as a result. It arrived in reasonable time and I can't fault the service but it leaves a sour taste.

Overall rating 2 stars

delldynamics wrote on 25 October 2016

Cashback Declined

Bike delivered in a week but with minor damage. Hargroves Cycles declined my cashback including my follow up claim clearing indicating my purchase, invoice and requisite information. Since the cashback was something I used in deciding where to purchase, I would have gone to Evans or another cycle retailer instead.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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Overall rating 1.5 stars

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