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user2067856 wrote on 06 November 2016

previously insured with them

Previously had insurance with no problems although cash back was very slow, I did get it. Just tried to get a quote for this year and cannot proceed as the "find address" comes up blank. I know if I phone them to sort it out I will lose my quidco payback, so wont bother! Would not like to assume this was a deliberate ploy...!!

Overall rating 3 stars

mouseiz7 wrote on 19 October 2016


Promises the great cashback, then never pays out! I have had 3/4 cashbacks from 4 vehicles declined!! they call you to 'check' things on the account, then accept it, even when you've done everything & paid online. don't use them!!!

Overall rating 1 stars

gMcmahon83214 wrote on 07 September 2016

They don`t pay

Well after 10 months they have finally said they wont pay even though I cleared my cookies, to keep things constructive I would suggest you saved your time and money and used a retailer who does.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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