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dsitton wrote on 03 October 2016

Excellent Product, but you might need to fight for the cashback!

I love the hive suite of products... we have everything, except for the light bulbs which have just been launched. The batteries on the sensors don't last as long as I'd hoped, but that's about the only fault I could find with everything we have. Everything can be controlled from one app, so there's no messing about with different apps for different products. My cashback was rejected. No reason given, which is a shame :-( Update on the cashback! It's now been paid :-)

Overall rating 4 stars

xyz123abc789 wrote on 08 March 2018

Cashback declined

Cashback at time of purchase was 2% for New customer purchase. I purchased Hive socket (£20) which tracked at 40p. Three months later - cashback was declined.. reason by Quidco (when queried) was that my purchase did not fall into the qualifying requirements !

Overall rating 2.5 stars

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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Cashback not available