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user1363958 wrote on 06 October 2017

Always a excuse not to pay cash back

This is the second and last time I will use holiday gems. Thought I would give them a second chance but never again. Always lead you on with prices they cannot fulfil and insist you need to pay another £50 then take the wrong amount for the booking and send demanding emails as if you are so type of criminal for £18 that you owe them due to their mistakes! Then refuse to pay cash back! Very shoddy!

Overall rating 1 stars

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We11za wrote on 05 October 2017

Don't bother

I used holidays gems as I was lead to believe I would receive the cashback advertised. They have now said "I did not meet the terms and conditions" although they were happy enough to take the £1400 pounds off me when I asked about it when I booked the holiday.

Overall rating 1 stars

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lisaos wrote on 17 November 2016

Not amount that I was led to believe and still not confirmed

I've given up hope of cashback. I have now escalated twice with Quidco but there is no sign of a resolution - 11.5 weeks after purchase. The amount showing is incorrect although finally showing as tracked. I payed 1700 for holiday and yet Holoday Gems have recorded it as 1600.00. 3% promised and this is not what I'll get.....

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1 stars

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