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welshdragon50 wrote on 01 September 2016

Hoppa worldwide airport transfers

Hoppa are the most competitively priced airport transfer service we have found. We have used them in the USA as well as European destinations and have received brilliant Service. With quidco money back you cannot go wrong!

Overall rating 5 stars

kben wrote on 16 June 2017


Great service to & from the airport in Majorca. Late collection but spoke to customer service who phoned the bus driver who confirmed running late but soon arrived. Have waited 13 months for cash back payment!

Overall rating 4 stars

user1785396 wrote on 27 March 2016

Sept Booking still awaiting payment and its April next week

have booked before and been pleased hence repeat business. But this time - rubbish - still waiting for payment 7 months later. No reason given. Quidco emails say same thing over and over again.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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Overall rating 3 stars

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