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tSpahia wrote on 15 December 2017

It was good they delayed a bit the payout

they delayed a bit the pay out saying this month after they change the date and still no pay but after a week on the last aspected date the payment showed on my account

Overall rating 5 stars

user1018467 wrote on 05 September 2016

Good luck on big ticket items.

Purchased OLED TV for £2,700 from retailer and although delivery good the cash back not so denying quite a bit which would have taken the edge off slightly. Not really surprised but none the less annoyed.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

user1721007 wrote on 30 August 2017

Sony televisions

Hughes declined cash back although I had used QUIDCO from the outset. They made up any excuse not to pay. I will not be using Hughes for any future purchases.

Overall rating 3 stars

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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