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More about Ingenious

We believe that good science needs integrity to become great science. To become great, we therefore consider in all our processes: sustainability, responsibility, and wellbeing. Our Ingenious packaging is fully recyclable and uses as little plastic as possible, while our recyclable eco-pouches encourage good habits and minimise our carbon footprint.

Our protected collagen is sourced from the skin of free-swimming Tilapia fish. All our natural astaxanthin is from micro-algae sourced exclusively from a pristine archipelago in Sweden. Our supplements are as pure as they are potent. We have no additives, fillers, binding agents, flow agents, preservatives or any other anti-nutrient. As a result, our capsules are hand-filled in small batches as we will not compromise on our ethos to ensure you are putting only the best and most effective actives inside your body.

Our new-generation collagen supplements use patented technology to ensure maximum absorption of the finest, most sustainably sourced, bio-available ingredients: marine collagen peptides, natural astaxanthin and the latest innovation in multi-molecular hyaluronic acid which is 20 per cent more effective than standard HA.

At Ingenious we believe in combining science and sustainability for the wellbeing of our customers and the planet.