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Benthedog wrote on 24 May 2017

Dont expect cashback....

My experience of untracked / rejected cashback seems typical. Not sure why they are using Quidco if they are happy to alienate customers this way. My advice is to shop elsewhere if cashback is a factor in your decision.

Overall rating 3 stars

user1735432 wrote on 12 December 2016

Unhappy customer

I purchased JW items through quidco on 3 occasions in the last few weeks for decent value purchases. None of them tracked! I created claims on each. First 2 have come back declined and decision final, no appeal! The other is pending but I guess I know the outcome. Thanks JW for doing me out of £17.00 with one claim outstanding. Not a happy customer of Jack Wolfskin. If you are considering, Don't bother with this retailer through Quidco.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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