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user2922850 wrote on 25 October 2016


I have ordered various items recently from JD Williams, Easy to use the website, There pricing has been great, well packaged items, and very speedy delivery, I returned a few items which were sent back with no problems, cannot fault them at all. I have not received cashback yet as I'm waiting for pay back.

Overall rating 5 stars

HelenBull wrote on 04 April 2018

Customer Service and Cashback deteriorating

Had I written this review 2 years ago, I would have given JD Williams 5 stars for everything. However with the customer service I have received since then my review is not favourable. Cashback tracks really quickly, but then is declined even though I have kept the goods. This has happened on my last 2 orders. I currently have a large cashback amount tracked, fingers crossed that this doesn't happen again.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

Overall rating 4 stars

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