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Jersey Beauty Cashback & Offers

Up to 6.4% cashback

Jersey Beauty Cashback & Offers

Online offers & promotions

20% Off Ultrasun

+ Up to 6.4% Cashback

| Expires in 3 days

30% Off St. Tropez

+ Up to 6.4% Cashback

| Expires in 5 days

20% off Dermalogica purchases

+ Up to 6.4% Cashback

| Expires in a day

Online cashback rates

6.4% cashback

for all other genuine new customer purchases

3.2% cashback

for all other purchases

2.4% cashback

for genuine new customer purchases using a Quidco voucher code

1.6% cashback

for electricals purchases

0.8% cashback

for all other purchases using a Quidco voucher code

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More about Jersey Beauty

Hey, welcome to the Jersey Beauty Company. Like you, we love skincare. In fact, we’re full of passion for all things health and beauty.

You’ll find some of the greatest skin education and beauty products, when you browse our blog and website. But first, here are a few beauty-industry habits that you won’t find at the Jersey Co:

Grumpy customer service staff (our bunch are clothed with honesty…. and treated to a lot of biscuits!)
Heavily edited, or photo-shopped, people-shapes and complexions. Lies and myths about your skin and beauty.

Instead? Our mission is to show you what it feels like to be celebrated.
It’s a happiness thing: true happiness comes from recognising existing beauty – not achieving flawless, photo-shopped perfection. That’s why we won’t exclude you on account of your age, skin type or shape. We are devoted advocates of Happy Remarkable You (the you you happen to be.)

If you want to discover which beauty products are right for you and enjoy shame-free skincare, you’ve found the right place. Join our Jersey family and begin to embrace your unique beauty, at every stage of life.