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Kipling UK Cashback & Offers

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More about Kipling UK

Kipling has a bag for every woman in every moment of her life, no matter what she does and no matter where she is.

Easy-going-looking, easy-going-feeling, trendy, practical and reasonably priced handbags for every woman's pleasure.


Fashion and fun go together with Kipling products! Handbags, totes, backpacks, laptop bags & more all with a funky monkey keychain!


The Kipling story is one of great passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. In 1987, three friends in the fashion capital of the world (Antwerp rules!) decided that women needed high-quality bags that were iconic and chic and feminine and fashionable and not boring! So they created a line of casual and colourful bags that were affordable, sporty and functional, packed with attitude but never serious or stuffy or stuck-up. In a word FUN!