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user1133698 wrote on 03 April 2017

great items and worth the money

always deliverys the best service with enought notication of time an great products

Overall rating 4.5 stars

user2828993 wrote on 05 November 2016

Withheld cashback- poor service

I chose to purchase the mirror I bought with Laura Ashley as they offered cashback through quidco. However, they did not honour this and declined the cashback. To add to their poor service when I attempted to query this through their website it declined my message as I have a yahoo email! This will be the last time I will buy from them on principle. The minimal cashback they declined to pay will mean a much bigger loss for them as I have just moved home and looking to furnish it!

Overall rating 3 stars

user1607967 wrote on 26 September 2016

Bad Experience item not delivered and when it eventually was they withheld the cash back

I ordered material. Laura Ashley firstly didn't deliver it, then made me call the courier company to try and find it. Once I had completed their non-delivery form they redelivered successfully but declined the cash back. All round very poor service far below what you might expect!

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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