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Lemon Salt Cashback & Offers

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More about Lemon Salt

We love food, and all that comes with it. Creating favourite feasts for family and friends; discovering new tastes; presenting it all in a way that does it justice and, above all, sharing it. It’s what keeps us alive, and what makes life worth living.

But where to find the perfect ingredients, let alone the time to go seeking them? And how to keep stocked up with stimulation, inspiration and motivation? Lemon Salt is the answer.

We bring to your kitchen the ingredients not generally available in British supermarkets. Our first focus was the Middle East, where civilisation and hospitality began, and where spices and herbs remain the foundation of any delicious meal.

Our range is fast expanding to cover the whole Mediterranean region and beyond.     

Great food sets out to nourish the soul is as much as the body, with presentation equally important. With this in mind we provide an inspirational selection of accessories, tableware, candles and scents to stimulate the senses. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour - and our store is growing all the time, So please, treat us as your local deli - and keep coming back!

Lemon Salt wants to help anyone willing to try out a new recipe or recreate a memory. We want you to spark that joy when you sprinkle your seasoning over your food and enjoy it with a big smile on your face – alongside friends, family and fun.