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user2460192 wrote on 23 March 2018

Great item, poor cashback experience

As I expected, Lenovo did not initially pay back the full amount, defaulting to something like 3% instead of the 10% it should have been, which is over £20 less in this case. The initial payment back was quite fast though, if incorrect. Now waiting for a response from them regarding my claim to get the rest of the discount back. It could be June before I hear anything according to estimates. This is from a December 2017 purchase. The item and delivery, in contrast, were excellent. Quidco themselves have been professional and helpful in handling the Claim, however I would recommend a lot of patience when dealing with Lenovo on the cashback side of things and to also set diary reminders to keep tabs on following it.

Overall rating 4 stars

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millsy83 wrote on 06 February 2017

Great product, rubbish cashback

Placed an order back in May 2015, initially tracked at the rate I expected, then they declined in november due to return or refund, neither of which happened. Wouldnt bother Lenovo again. Nearly 2 years on and several declined claims, despite Quidco's efforts and I've still not received the expected casback!

Overall rating 4 stars

user1189589 wrote on 27 January 2017

Great product, poor cashback payment

I purchased a laptop from Lenovo, did all that was required from them and Quidco but was declined my cashback. It was a purchase of a laptop - the laptop was fine, the support from Quidco Support was poor Four vague reasons sighted for decline - one included "the company may be out of business and may have ceased trading" :: REALLY?? Good product, bad cash back experience.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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Overall rating 2.5 stars

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