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More about Levels London

Levels will be set up as a community interest brand, meaning a portion of its profits will be fed back into community ventures. Our previous work, upbringing and understanding of local issues mean we have relationships with local schools, partnerships with colleges, universities, and youth centres. This will allow us to create a program for young people to learn through mentorship of creativity and provide work experience, internships and free fully accredited courses for adults affected in need of assistance in finding suitable employment.

Values & Beliefs:

Fashion that provides for the community and the environment, elevating the culture to another level and provides its wearers with the ability to inspire through a positive attitude and ethos. Our aim is to work with those positively influencing life with messages of growth of mental wealth and not just wealth of pocket. Our proven track record of working on projects within our locality over the last decade means we are well placed to deliver and targets areas of need due to our true connection with the ebb and flow of urban life.


Understanding the need of for an inclusive approach to socioeconomic issues to find alternative metrics for success that are both sustainable along with bringing serious improvements to society. Levels London is a part of a wider tapestry of projects that are already in production or preparing for launch. Each project will serve to address issues collaboratively and provide opportunities for partnership in order to spotlight issues and tackle them as a community with funding provided by our collective message.

Levels - It’s A Mindset™.