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Little Cooks Co

About Little Cooks Co

An easy, fun and healthy cooking activity for your kids. Little Cooks Co's award-winning monthly kits make baking simple!

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Shopping Little Cooks Co

Little Cooks Co is the UK’s first healthy cooking kit for kids. These lovely little boxes offer quality time with children, away from screens and distractions, while cooking up something yummy and healthy together. Designed by Helen, a registered nutritionist, each monthly box contains an easy to follow recipe and all the dry organic ingredients perfectly measured out to make it, free from refined ingredients like sugar and gluten. These lovely kits make cooking with kids fun, easy and healthy!
Children who cook are less fussy, eat more veggies and learn an essential lifeskill - how to feed themselves. But alongside these important benefits, we hope that our Little Cooks Co boxes offer opportunities for connection - so many of us recall helping in the kitchen as some of our happiest childhood memories, and we want our these boxes to help create as many of those precious moments as possible.