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Last updated Apr. 9, 2023
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    Shopping Look Fabulous Forever

    Age should never be a barrier to looking amazing, and the Look Fabulous Forever range of makeup and skincare products uphold that premise. The cosmetic products are perfect for mature women who are not interested in looking younger but focused more on being at their best, a more confident version of themselves that’s just as beautiful as ever.

    The brand aims to celebrate individuality and the beauty of older women. Look Fabulous Forever also includes tips on choosing the right colours for your skin tone, and detailed video tutorials online to make your decision more straightforward. 

    It also offers a free 30-day returns policy and free delivery within the UK if you spend more than the threshold. 

    Look Fabulous Forever makeup

    Find the perfect makeup products and Look Fabulous Forever samples that are sure to flatter your mature skin. Consider browsing the colour products that will give your face a healthy, fresh glow. The site also has matte eye shades to subtly cover creases and an extensive collection of lipstick designed to highlight thinning lips. 

    Look Fabulous Forever collections

    Opt for one of the many collections on the site, with skincare and makeup products that the anti-ageing experts at Look Fabulous Forever design and curate to complement mature skin. Some collections include high-quality primers, along with everything else you would need to get yourself looking fabulous. 

    The Cool Eye edit

    The Eye collection comes with effortless winter eye makeup, including eye prime, mascara, and eye shadow that will beautifully define the windows to your soul. The collection also comes with a complimentary makeup bag for easy travel.

    The Occasion collection

    If you need something more glamorous, the Occasion collection includes all you need for any special event or celebration you will be attending this season.

    Look Fabulous Forever light-look beauty balm

    Look Fabulous Forever offers you its 40ml light-look beauty balm in four different shades. It gives you a lighter formula than foundation and more coverage than a tinted moisturiser. The shades include fair-light, medium, medium-dark, and dark, for a perfectly even, natural-looking skin tone for any look.

    Look Fabulous Forever primer

    Mature skin tends to be absorbent, making it almost impossible for your makeup to look fresh the whole day. Look Fabulous Forever has a primer formulated to offer you the perfect solution in one tiny package. 

    The primer uses silica and aloe vera to fill in fine lines and open your pores, leaving your skin matte and soft, which adds beautifully to an all-day freshness.

    Look Fabulous Forever skincare

    Revitalise your skin and body with skincare products that provide hydration and nourishment for mature skin. The site has an extensive collection of cleansers that treat your skin gently, leaving it clean, refreshed, and silky soft. 

    Opt for one of the Look Fabulous Forever branded moisturisers on the site for even healthier, smoother, and firmer skin.

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