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LRM Goods Cashback & Offers

Up to 4.8% cashback

LRM Goods Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

4.8% cashback

for all other new customer purchases

3.2% cashback

for all other existing customer purchases

1.6% cashback

for all purchases where a Quidco voucher code was used

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More about LRM Goods

Hello and welcome to LRM.

Our journey began in November 2015; whilst both working in corporate, we struck a friendship. Libby soon needed to buy Rachel the perfect personalised birthday present without breaking the bank, but she couldn’t find anything suitable. Together with love for leather goods, a saying ‘imagine if that was personalised’ and how in our eyes everything always looks better in navy, LRM was created (in Libby’s kitchen- just like that.)

We are two ladies with a love for personalisation and a passion for succeeding. We love what we do, and our beautiful products represent who we are. We aim to provide stunning products for all our lovely customers, with a special touch of personalisation at a price everyone can afford. 6 years on; we now have the best growing team of local ladies who support us in our mission to provide stylish leather goods at an affordable price.