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eDrakes wrote on 28 February 2017

Cashback declined

Bought a variety of items in one order, all arrived quickly and safely and were of good quality. I was however disappointed that my tracked cashback was declined, no clear reason why this happened as all the items from my order were kept.

Overall rating 3 stars

klena2882903 wrote on 21 February 2017

Cashback declined

The Lulu Guinness bag I purchased via Quidco is good quality and well designed and was delivered promptly. The cashback was tracked however, it has now been declined even though I have kept the item. There is no way of following up and I have tried making a claim via Quidco but it states that it cannot find a rate for Lulu Guinness and suggests I try another similar website! Very helpful...Lovely product, disappointing cashback and service from Quidco and possibly Lulu Guinness as they declined the cashback in the first place. Clearly a disconnect somewhere and not worth the bother of going through Quidco.

Overall rating 3 stars

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christineej94706 wrote on 06 April 2017


After my first cashback was refused last year (see below) I was careful to go to the website via Quidco AND read all the T&Cs on both Quidco and Lulu Guinness and yet again my cashback was refused. The goods are fantastic but why be on a cashback website if you always refuse? First review made my order via Quidco but it did not track, goods were fantastic but when I tried to claim my cashback it was refused as there was no proof I'd shopped via Quidco. Lovely goods - appalling cashback

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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Overall rating 2.5 stars

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