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jrwillman95830 wrote on 19 October 2016

A reputable company

LV are my house insurers and when I recently had to claim for an underground pipe leak they were very prompt , efficient and fair in dealing with my claim. They are also my pension provider having given me the best deal on an annuity purchase. I have not claimed on my LV car insurance but the quote was very competitive and the policy terms are clear and the wording is commendably clear and unambiguous.

Overall rating 5 stars

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craigy84 wrote on 01 April 2016

LV= Love

Consistently cheaper for my car insurance than any other provider. This year I used their Driving App, racking in 200 miles I received an extra 15% off. Very happy with what I've paid compared to other quotes so thanks again LV=!

Overall rating 4.5 stars

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user3193798 wrote on 12 October 2016

Slowest cashback ever seen.

Bought the insurance a year ago, and finally it has been declined. However, Quidco has honored me the cashback due to the waiting time. Fantastic Quidco.

Overall rating 3 stars

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Overall rating 2.5 stars

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