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user2330445 wrote on 20 March 2017

Still waiting for cashback 6 months later

Switched tariffs to M&S and although no problem with the product, I'm still waiting for my cashback. I switched in September, and it's now March and still no sign of it. Also it only tracked as a single fuel, when I switched as dual fuel but I'm hoping this will sort itself out when it finally pays out.

Overall rating 3 stars

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user1754330 wrote on 15 May 2017

Cutback Cashback..?

Switching my energy supplier to M&S Energy was a straightforward procedure. Obviously I did it online, and entered my details and estimated usage. A week later I spoke to a customer service rep, who was fantastic and answered all my queries, about a few things.. Within a couple weeks of having placed my order I got my welcome pack, which was very detailed in relation to the next steps that would follow (such as reading the meter and providing them with the readings and so on). Now, here's the pickle in my cake: My cashback amount was to have tracked at £33... It was a promotion at the time. I placed my order, and at first it tracked at £23.20. I am fully aware that cashback rates can track at a lower rate and thought nothing if it, until I got the message that my cashback had been approved (5.5 months later). Low and behold, £23.20 is what they have now decided to pay back, although my order placed in November 2016 was for the rate of £33 for the energy price plan I chose. After having filed a claim for the missing amount, they declined, stating my rate was correct. I am also aware that their current cashback rate (11th May 2017) is the one they have authorised for my service. I am really not pleased. I wouldn't have ever expected M&S to participate in false advertising.

Overall rating 3 stars

emma.hatfield10@gmail.com wrote on 12 December 2016

Cashback declines

Took out dual fuel in October 2016. Cashback initially tracked at the rate for single fuel so raised enquiry with Quidco. It took Quidco two months to send a standard response that cashback would eventually uplift the the full amount. A couple of days later, the cashback was declined. It wouldn't let me raise a further claim so have emailed Quidco for advice. Actual switchover to M & S Energy was straightforward and went without a hitch. Still feel misled and cheated by lack of cashback though. If you were promised something in a store, you wouldn't expect to leave empty-handed.

Overall rating 2 stars

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Overall rating 2 stars

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