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hardman32 wrote on 24 May 2017

Don't depend on cashback when comparing subscriptions

No problem with magazine or deliveries but no cash back paid as they can't find my order although it was done via quidco website. Maybe it was because my order was only £12 with £5 cash back. Still a good deal but they should give a minimum order value for cash back.

Overall rating 4 stars

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Amanda George wrote on 12 October 2016

Good company but your cashback will be declined!

This is a good company, but the reason I tried them was because of all the good reviews here on Quidco. My cashback was declined so I'll be going elsewhere when the subscription comes to an end - hopefully the next place I go to won't decline the cashback even though I followed all the terms and completed it all in one session. Do not use this company if you are looking to get cashback!

Overall rating 3.5 stars

user2043666 wrote on 14 September 2017

They'll just decline your claim

The company has a good range of products, and they do what they say, but don't expect to get any cashback. All relevant information is given, but they still claim to be "not able to find a valid order" - total rubbish

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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Overall rating 2 stars

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