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user1227275 wrote on 19 April 2017

declined cashback

i use quidco alot, never had any problems but booked the marriott,cashback tracked fast but after a long time i got a message stating cash back declined as i have not provided marriott with my reservation number, they have all my records of my reservations i was not aware i had to

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David_C wrote on 24 May 2017

Cashback declined and Quidco don't care

Despite booking via Quidco and the purchase tracking correctly, cashback was declined. On raising a support query Quidco they went back to the retailer once I provided full details of the stay. Despite meeting the simple t&cs and having proof of booking and the stay the retailer declined the cashback again saying t&cs hadn't been met. I raised this with Quidco support again and their attitude was that of non-interest and I was told I could take it up with the retailer myself. I'm a premium Quidco member and a Marriott rewards member and as such I am surprised they are letting their retailers get away with not paying out in such a clear cut case. Although I've already booked to stay at the Marriott this week I doubt I will be using the company again in this manner and I am considering whether Quidco deserves my membership too. Very disappointing given the hotel in question is very comfortable and the staff superb.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

user2957178 wrote on 06 July 2016

Great cashback, eventually. Persevere.

Booked three rooms November 2015, for a stay in January 2016. Cashback didn't track so I raised a claim. This was originally declined with no reason given. At that point I wrote to Quidco and explained that I'd definitely not used another referring agent / discount code, and that Marriott had given no reason for declining my claim. Quidco reopened the claim and it was paid, end of June 2016. I'm happy with the outcome, but we shouldn't have to jump through such hoops. I say we as, from reading other's reviews, I'm far from the only person to have had claims spuriously denied by Marriott. My claim as for £30, so not insignificant. My advice, if you find yourself in the same situation, is persevere and follow up with Quidco.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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