Last updated Sep. 15, 2023
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    LEGO Minifigures cashback

    Let’s be honest, we all love LEGO Minifigures, but now and again, you just want something different, something special. Well, they’ve got it all right here! Check out the 100’s of totally bespoke Minifigures they’ve got on offer, that you won’t find anywhere else! has taken a different approach to toy manufacturing by deciding to cater to just about everyone – not only children. Lego Minifigures were successful, but Minifigures added a different dimension by providing various categories such as celebrities, sci-fi, gaming, and film. 

    To tailor the customer experience, Minifigures has enabled its customers to create a custom Minifigure. They use the latest printing technology and design to make the Minifigure of your choice, making it the best way to buy somebody the specific Minifigure they want.

    LEGO Minifigures Ninjago

    Combat toys have become increasingly popular, and one of the most popular models in the Minifigures’ collection is Lego Ninjago. The available figures are Lloyd, Kai, Zane, Jay, Nay, Cole, and their mentor, Wu. 

    Minifigures took the Ninjago entertainment to a new level by combining the figures with the video game. Customers can purchase both to get a combination of virtual and real-world interaction with the Ninjago characters.

    Minecraft Minifigures

    Customers have several options when it comes to choosing Minecraft characters at These serve as great birthday or Christmas gifts, and if customers do not see a character they want, they can opt for the custom-design option. 

    When customers buy a Minecraft minifigure, or any minifigure for that matter, they’ll earn Minibucks, which they can redeem at a later purchase to get more discounts.

    Harry Potter Minifigures

    Harry Potter has been a long-time favourite of many fantasy fans, both children or adults. Customers can make the movie experience more realistic by playing with their Harry Potter Minifigures. There are over twenty Harry Potter Minifigures available today! 

    LEGO Minifigures series

    Why settle for one toy when an entire collection is available? The Minifigures Lego series provides various characters within the collection, making the experience more enjoyable because users can incorporate different strategies and set-ups while they are playing.

    Marvel Minifigures

    Characters with superpowers seem even more realistic when customers can hold them in their hands. There are various Marvel characters customers can choose from, or they have the option to design the exact one they want.

    Minifigures delivery

    To make the offer of owning a Minifigure more appealing, Minifigure offers free delivery for purchases over £25. They provide worldwide shipping, and their global express services usually take from three to five working days. Their free delivery is not limited to the UK but is available globally. 

    Get Minifigures cashback

    Customers can be part of the Minibucks program, enabling them to redeem their accrued points for a discount, but they can also be a part of the Quidco cashback program. To get started, customers need to log into their Quidco account, scroll to the top of the page, and click on the green ‘Get cashback’ link. 

    Customers will be redirected to the website, where they can browse the Minifigure collections or design a custom Minifigure. Once they make a purchase, we will verify the transaction, then transfer the cashback to the customer’s Quidco account.

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